These are the business ideas you should launch in 2020

business ideas 2020

s a new decade dawns, many will be looking for a fresh start by exploring business ideas to set the world alight in 2020.

If you’re considering packing in your nine-to-five in exchange for the startup life, why not consider taking some inspiration from the Verdict team?

From putting dating on the blockchain to coworking on wheels, here is our selection of business ideas for 2020.

Business ideas you should start in 2020

Stock Datasets: AI’s answer to stock photos

The biggest problem with many AI and machine learning algorithms is a lack of good quality data. And bad data means biased results.

The solution? A one-stop-shop for datasets similar to stock photo repositories such as Shutterstock and iStock. Enterprises would pay a monthly fee to download and use a set number of datasets for AI training projects.

These would be completely anonymised, but come with key information about their contents, such as the demographics they draw from and any areas where they risk creating bias. They could even be expanded with synthetic data.

But where would the site get its data from, I hear you cry?

Well, first there are datasets that are already in the public domain, but which often require cleaning up to be used effectively. These could be made available in tidy, ready-to-use forms, and could even be available as a free option to enable users to try the service out before upgrading to a premium subscription.

But for the most part, the data would come from organisations and individuals licensing their own private data, to create secondary revenue streams. Large companies could upload vast pools of data, with the site paying them a fee for every use, while individual users could earn extra money by adding their own data to the site’s collections. After all, if companies are using our data anyway, we might as well make some money from it.

BrexitCoin: Cryptocurrency for the Brexit fanatic

Brexit means Brexit. But is it really Brexit without crypto?

BrexitCoin* is the answer to your hopes, dreams and prayers. This is a digital, decentralised, distributed, synchronised, schismatic, immutable, revocable, scalable, disruptor cryptocurrency for the Brexit fanatic.


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