Change Of Legislation – The Marketing Priority In The Balkans

Božidar Abramović of Omnicom Media Group was elected the new chairman of the Marketing Association of Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) at its latest session.

Asked about the priorities, he said that “The first goal is to secure better marketing legislation.” Abramović has been at the helm of Omnicom Media Group for 12 years and it comes as no surprise that he is appointed to this new position.

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An online research was conducted with over 230 company members of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce which showed their experiences with marketing agencies.

“About 20 percent of the companies have a dedicated marketing department, but most often it is a single person that deals with this part of the business. One in two companies plan some marketing budget, but it is optimistic that half of the small and 40% of the surveyed micro companies still plan to allocate marketing resources,” was stated in the research, adding that these budgets are distributed equally on promotional materials and services. Two-thirds of the companies are advertised in the media, primarily online (75 percent).

As a key benefit of the collaboration with marketing agencies, respondents singled out expertise, professionalism and knowledge (65%), followed by better visibility and promotion of products and services (50%), while 34% believe that outsourcing of marketing is positive because they don’t have the capacity to do it on their own.



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