10 Best Content Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow

10 Best Content Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow

So, you’re a marketer. You work a lot every day to achieve the best results with Content Marketing.

You want to improve lead generation, drive more sales, increase brand awareness, increase lead quality. You want your business to grow and your customer to feel engaged.

Since there are a lot of goals to aim for, it’s essential to seek some help. You can get some by following the best Content Marketing blogs on the internet. They are basically a compound of excellent ideas and hacks for you to boost your marketing strategies.

However, you know that there are many websites out there. In order to help you go through the task of selecting the ones to follow, we made you a list of the most important alternatives. How about it?

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Content Marketing Institute

The CMI was founded by none other than Joe Pulizzi, one of the creators of Content Marketing itself.

Besides, that’s the guy who’s famous for writing the book “Epic Content Marketing“, a powerful guide on the subject.

His blog is full of astonishing ideas and advice for new strategies. You can read articles about SEO, the state of Content Marketing right now, the future of Digital Marketing, marketing measurement, etc. From quick tips to complete guides that will wipe out every question you have.

In addition to that, there’s a lot of data you can use in your pieces. CMI offers annual research with helpful insights detailing challenges, obstacles, and success cases in this business.

2. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is a blog to help you with powerful tips from a writer’s perspective. It will provide you some insights and suggestions so you can ensure you have what you need to put words on a page.

So, they cover writer’s block, copywriting, persuasive writing, grammar recommendations, and more.

You can read the posts and even share them with your team. After all, it’s essential to improve the writing on your Content Marketing and email marketing.

3. Contently strategist

This one covers everything from brand publishing to storytelling and SEO.

They talk about innovations on the market, the role of technology, stats to prove their points, digital transformation, and more. If you want to drive better results and also stay updated on what’s going on, follow this blog.

4. Marketing Insider Group

For more of a B2B point of view, here’s Marketing Insider Group. The blog contains some pieces that will help you differentiate your brand and stand out from your competitors.

It will clarify your vision on content reach, Google Analytics, outsourcing on marketing, marketing plan, and more.

You can also find some case studies and articles on fundamentals, such as SEO, social media, and branding.

5. Convince and Convert

In Convince and Convert’s blog, you will find useful podcasts and posts about:

  • customer experience;
  • social media;
  • Content Marketing;
  • B2B marketing;
  • Word of Mouth Marketing.

There are various types of articles: case studies, research reports, lists, and others.

The good thing about this blog is that it provides you analysis of both traditional and modern marketing. Also, you will learn a lot about data-driven marketing and marketing automation.

6. Hubspot

That’s one of the most popular marketing companies in the world. It’s easy to assume that their blog is an excellent channel for new ideas and strategies.

They guide you through the world of social media, customer service, e-commerce, sales, SEO, Inbound Marketing, and more.

They also touch on other essential topics, such as brand awareness, marketing psychology, and the process of maintaining a blog.

Hubspot’s team publishes new posts very often, so there’s always a lot to see in there. If you navigate the pages, you will be tempted to read it all.

7. The Story of Telling

Our seventh tip is “The Story of Telling”. As the name implies, it’s pretty much about storytelling and how your team can leverage this strategy in your pieces.

It’s full of short posts with quite comforting writing that will help you understand how to craft impressive stories and will inspire you to write.

8. CMO

In this one, maintained by Adobe, you can find a lot of great pieces that speak from a manager’s standpoint. There are many tips on leadership and how to innovate while being in charge. Besides, you can also read about technology for marketing, AI, data-driven marketing, with some case studies.

This way, you can understand how those new trends will affect your Content Marketing.

9. MOZ

MOZ is one of the most relevant blogs to look for when you need assistance with SEO. Its focus is to help business leaders and marketers learn:

  • how they can understand search engines’ algorithms;
  • how they can discover new tactics;
  • and how to use new technology such as machine learning for SEO.

Also, if you want help on some specific topics, you’re in the right place. There are articles on video SEO, local SEO, search intent, and more.

So, you can go from general how-to guides to specific posts to expand your knowledge. 

10. Rock Content

Rock Content’s blog is where you need to go to find the right methods and strategies for your marketing. From specific subjects to general guides, you can learn about:

  • interactive content;
  • marketing planning;
  • SEO;
  • marketing automation;
  • live blogging;
  • live experiences.

But, if you have questions about your blog’s infrastructure, there’s also a section with the technical content, such as hosting, website security, and CMS.

In your job as a marketer, it’s always essential to gather some new ideas to try out the next day. After all, there are many challenges, but, fortunately, many tips on how to overcome them.

And you can find those tips on the best Content Marketing blogs on the internet — such as those we’ve mentioned.

New ideas and solutions can come from other places too, such as videos and conferences on the internet. You always have to keep your eyes and ears open.

So, what do you think of our list? Are you ready to access those blogs? If you want more insights on how to evolve in your career, check out this list of the best marketing Ted Talks ever.


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