Top 20 Content Marketing Blogs You Should Read Every Day

What are the top content marketing blogs you read every day?

This is a question I get asked, just about every day. And while there is a long list of blogs and media sites I browse, a bunch of great B2B Marketing blog sites, and many, many more sites I could mention, this is my go-to list of top content marketing blogs I read every day.

The list spans across everything from non-profit associations, to media companies, to startup founder blogs, to technology companies, to research organizations and of course, to content marketing consultants.

I listed my top two resources (CMI and MarketingProfs) in order, but I ask that you don’t read too much into the order after that.

I’ve also listed some of the top articles for each site, according to one of my favorite free content marketing tools, BuzzSumo, to give you a flavor for what they publish.

In full disclosure, I list my own site at #20. But I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it deserves to be a top 20 content marketing blog.

I list the NewsCred blog as well because I believe we’ve earned a mention, but I also list some of our competitors who are trying to add to the content marketing conversation and advancing the cause of content marketing with their blogs.

So if I missed someone you read EVERY DAY, please let me know in the comments below?

The Top 20 Content Marketing Blogs I Read Every Day

  1. Content Marketing Institute (@CMIContent) – everything you need to know about content marketing. If you pick one resource, this is the one. Joe and his amazing team know how to do it right. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk too with awesome conversions, focus on subscriptions and a print magazine to boot. Best article of the past year? How To Write Content That Engages Mobile Readers by Neil Patel has more than 3,000 social shares (see my shout out to Neil below).
  2. MarketingProfs (@MarketingProfs) – Led by their amazing Chief Content Officer @AnnHandley, this is one of the best resources covering the latest trends and thought leadership in marketing. If you only pick two sites, these are the two to read and share. Best article of the past year? How To Overcome The ‘No Time To Create Content’ Challenge by Joe Chernov – it has more than 4,000 social shares (and . . . see my shout out to Joe below)
  3. Hubspot (@Hubspot) – The top resource for inbound marketers. Run by my good friend Joe Chernov (@jchernov). 20 Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest Features You Didn’t Know Existed (But Totally Should) by Lindsay Kolowich has more than 16,000 shares (holy cow!) Lindsay has the top 3 spots on the Hubspot blog.
  4. Neil Patel’s (@neilpatel) QuickSprout Blog (@quicksprout) is an awesome resource on SEO related content marketing articles. His top blog is How Spending $162,301.42 on Clothes Made Me $692,500. It has more than 10,000 shares. For real. Check it out. Also see a great blog on SEO What SEO Used to Be Versus What SEO Is Now.
  5. Kevan Lee’s (@kevanlee) BufferApp blog (@buffer) is probably one of the best blogs on the internet, and a great resource for startup marketing. His top blog, Inside the Facebook News Feed: A List of Algorithm Factors has more than 12,000 shares.
  6. Digiday (@Digiday) covers the latest trends in digital marketing. Their top article is Why agency people are so unhappy. Not surprising then that I wrote this rebuttal against a popular Digiday “copyranter.” Check it out!
  7. Lee Odden’s (@LeeOdden) TopRank Blog (@toprank) is a top resource for content marketing, SEO and more. His best blog of the past year? 25 Women Who Rock Social Media. Yep, that’s just the kind of guy Lee is.
  8. Copyblogger Blog (@copyblogger) has been doling out online marketing advice for quite some time. Their big move this past year created their top socially shared article, Why Copyblogger Is Killing Its Facebook Page – Copyblogger.
  9. Social Media Examiner (@smexaminer) is nailing the social media aspect of content marketing. This blog is a model to follow as well. Their top post generated almost 18,000 social shares with 20 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros.
  10. Mark Schaefer’s {Grow} has been helping marketers for a while as well. He’s good for a dose of advice every single day.
  11. Convince and Convert by Jay Baer (@JayBaer) is a great resource from one of the smartest and best guys in content marketing. His top article is Why It Might Be Time to Completely Change Your Social Media Strategy.
  12. eMarketer (@eMarketer) is a great marketer resource for stats. Hers’s their top article of the past year: Total US Ad Spending to See Largest Increase Since 2004. Yeah, they got stats on people still spending money on ads, yo!
  13. MarketingSherpa (@MarketingSherpa) provides research reports and blogs on marketing. And their top article of the past year is on content marketing: Content Marketing 101: Tips on content strategy.
  14. Social Media Today (@SocialMedia2day) is a great site syndicating some of the best authors covering social media. Their top post has received more than 176,000 social shares!!! Let’s Talk: Retaining Ownership of Your Personal Data.
  15. Adobe’s (@CMO_com)  covers marketing and digital trends for marketing leaders. Their top blog is Kevin Spacey’s Top 3 Tips For Better Storytelling. Yes, That Kevin Spacey but I like to think they were just inspired by my own WTF Does Kevin Spacey Know About Content Marketing.
  16. The Chief Marketing Technologist Blog from Scott Brinker, the CTO of Ion Interactive, talks about the combination of marketing and technology (@chiefmartec). This may be off many people’s radars but Scott is one smart dude. His top post, Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2015)  has been shared almost 7,000 times and it’s worth checking out. This is a blog to subscribe to.
  17. Contently’s Content Strategist blog is also a good choice. Not only do I need to give some equal time to our competitors, it’s just the right thing to do. Their top article is This Surprising Reading Level Analysis Will Change the Way You Write by co-founder Shane Snow.
  18. Kapost’s Content Marketeer is run by my good friend Jesse Noyes (@NoyesJesse) and his team. These are some classy folks doing some good things in content marketing and the industry is better for it. Their top post is 7 Marketing Cheat Sheets You’ll Use Again and Again by Jesse himself. But also check out Are Influencers Tired of Influencer Marketing? by @andrewjcoate that included some quotes from yours truly.
  19. SmartBrief on Social Media (@SBoSM) does a great job at curating the latest news on social media and content marketing related articles from all over the web. Their top piece of content is 3 social marketing tools that come with super powers.
  20. My own Marketing Insider Group? You be the judge. My top posts of the last year are The Top 200 Content Marketing Brands And Influencers, 20 Amazing Examples Of Brand Content Marketing Hubs, 29 Amazing Content Marketing Quotes To Inspire You, Hey Marketing: An Inquiry Is Not A Lead, and 22 Free Content Marketing Tools To Drive Your Content Marketing Plans.

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