100+ Blog Post Ideas for Your Small Business Blog

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In the last weeks, I have started with topics about blogging for business. As you already know, blogging for business is an essential thing for your business, but at the same time, it is not an easy task for you as an entrepreneur. The biggest question is about what you will need to write. What to publish on your business blog? Because of that, here, I will share more than 100 blog post ideas for your business blog.

The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs, from my experience, is to have a pool of possible blog post ideas for their business blog. Because blogging is not a one-time task for business, you will need a starting point with ideas to ensure that your blog will be alive for a more extended period.

How many topics you will need will depend on the publishing frequency you will use. If you publish each day, you will need more ideas. However, the important thing is your commitment to start blogging for your business and consistency to succeed. The consistency will require you to publish more posts.

Here are over a hundred blog post ideas that can help you start and make your plan for the next several months of your blogging experience. I want to mention that some of the ideas you can quickly transform into several more titles that you can schedule for the future.

1. Who are you? Start with you and write an article that will describe you in detail.

2. What is your business? Explain to your readers what your business is and how you visualize it in the future.

3. Why are you or your business important to the readers or potential customers? Explain what you and your business are doing for your customers. Show the importance of your job and the products and services your company is producing.

4. Show your business team behind your company. Show the people that do the job for your customers.

5. Explain the problems that your business solves. Explain the problems your business solves for your customers in plain English.

6. Publish pictures of your working environment. Show how the work you are doing the work inside your company.

7. Publish pictures of your business buildings. Show your buildings, offices, and other premises your company uses to satisfy customers.

8. Publish pictures of your employees. Show the real persons behind your company. Using these blog post ideas, you will start humanizing your company.

9. Publish pictures of your employees with your customers. Show with the images how your employees deal with your customers.

10. Publish some of your public speakings. If you already have done some public speaking, publish them on your business blog.

11. Write something about the most significant achievements of your business in the past. Show your most significant achievement to your readers.

12. Describe how your products and services evolve over time. You can make a written description or create a time-lapse video to show how your products and services evolve over time.

13. Show the possible ways of future development of your products and services. Inform your readers and customers about what you are doing for the future development of your products and services.

14. Explain how your business contributes to environmental protection. Environmental protection is an important topic today. If you want to increase your readership, you can write several articles about dealing with this topic.

15. Write a manual about your products and services. Probably you already have a manual. But, this blog post also concerns the fact that you can also put it as a series of blog articles on your business blog. So, your readers can find it and read it.

16. Write something about your past business experience building and developing your business. Show your readers the challenges and experiences you have through the journey of building and developing your company.

17. What makes you different from your competitors? Show the difference between you and your competitors. But, use the facts, not the assumptions.

18. Create different case studies related to your business. Everyone wants to use case studies to learn something. So, this idea as a part of these blog post ideas is vital for your business blog.

19. Add a more human dimension to your blog, presenting the family behind your business. You can periodically share your family moments on your business blog. In such a way, you will add a human dimension to your company and your business blog.

20. Make a comparison between your and your competitor’s products. Simply show the difference.

21. Make a video demonstration of your products and services. You can record a series of video materials for the demonstration purpose of your products and services. You can publish them on your business blog. Or, you can make a space like training materials where all of these articles will be part of.

22. Publish posts about events that you or your business team have visited. Why do you not show where you or your business team participate in the events important for the community.

23. Publish a video behind the scenes of your business. You can record a video about your processes behind the scenes and publish it for your readers.

24. Show how you produce your products and services as a video. Record your production process for several minutes and publish it as a video on social media channels and your business blog.

25. Write a post about your passion and how it impacts your business. You are passionate about something. Write an article about your passion and how it is related to your company and your work.

26. Publish a post with a list of reasons why you care about it. Write this article as you will talk in person with your customers. Show that you are human and you also care about many things and among them for the satisfaction of your customers.

27. Explain the current shipping procedure and what you make today to improve it. If you ship your products, then explain the procedures you use. Ask for comments for customers’ experience or possible improvements.

28. Write about your social media presence and invite your readers to connect with you. This is an essential part of your small business. It would help if you built strong relationships with your readers on different channels.

29. Create a list of all improvements that you made in your business and ask for a reader’s opinion. Show that your company is not the same over time. You can also make time-lapse videos that will bring your readers to the beginning of your company until today.

30. Show the different processes that you use in your business. Explain your processes. If you are an entrepreneur who continuously works on improvements, nobody can copy your processes.

31. Explain how you make your employees satisfied to be part of your business. As part of these blog post ideas, this idea is excellent for attracting competent staff to your company. Maybe some of them are one of your readers. Who knows?

32. Why have you started your business? Share your experience of how you started your business. Why did you start it?

33. How did you succeed in being an entrepreneur and a parent at the same time? This is a frequently asked question all the time. So, share your experience about how you succeeded in managing your professional and personal life.

34. What’re your biggest fears, and how do you plan to overcome them? All we have are some fears. You can write about yours and show what you are doing to overcome them.

35. How is one of your average days in your business? Show how you spend your day at work and home. Your readers will like to identify with you. They will learn something more from you, become close to you, and believe in you.

36. Describe your ideal customer. This will change over time, but it is a good idea to describe your ideal customer. Remember to write this article from the customer’s perspective, not through your own or your business’ perspective.

37. Describe the needs of your ideal customers. You already know your customer’s needs. Why don’t you describe them on your business blog?

38. Brainstorm great ideas about something that your customers can use it. Help your customers to have great ideas about something.

39. Changes that you do to improve your business and overall customers experience. Show what you are doing to improve your small business.

40. Publish different success stories of your customers. Everyone likes success stories. So, why don’t you use them on your business blog?

41. Describe the industry in which your business operates. With this idea as a part of these blog post ideas, you will need to describe and give some thoughts related to the industry in which your business operates.

42. Describe the market in which your business operates. Simply describe the market. Show your thoughts.

43. Talk about industry trends. As an entrepreneur, you know about trends inside the industry. Share your thoughts with your readers.

44. Talk about market trends. As a small business owner, you know about some trends inside the market. Share your thoughts with your readers.

45. Publish pictures of your products. Image articles are exciting posts that can show your products and services in action. Use them to bring your readers close to your products and services.

46. Write and publish a written interview with some of your most satisfied customers. If you have satisfied customers, you can show how your company’s relationship helped them solve some crucial problems.

47. Post video interviews with some of your most satisfied customers. Video interviews are a great way to show your company to your readers as potential customers.

48. Show how your products solve customers’ problems. Simply write an in-depth article showing how your products and services solve customers’ problems.

49. Publish a list of problems that your customers have. You already know your customer’s problems. It is crucial because your business count on them. But, some potential customers that can be your readers sometimes will not know that they have some of these problems. So, these blog post ideas are great for growing your audience and leads for your company.

50. Publish a list of solutions that solve your customer’s problems. Now when you have problems, you can write a new article that will propose solutions. Between these solutions will have some of your products and services.

51. Create several types of tutorial posts related to your industry. This is a great strategy to show yourself as an expert in the industry.

52. Answer questions that your customers ask you. Your marketing and sales team probably has many questions related to your offer, products, services, or business in general. Why don’t you answer these questions as unique articles? This idea will increase your productivity because you will develop an FAQ section for your customers. You can always send them to find the information they want instead of answering all of them separately.

53. What benefits will your customers have if they build a strong relationship with you and your business? Show what your customers can expect if they build strong relationships with you and your small business.

54. Make a list of several excellent books from your industry. Show what you are reading and what you like from the books you will cover inside this article.

55. Sketch the future for your customers. What are your expectations for the future? What are your predictions? If you know these things, you can write an article and share it on your business blog.

56. Write about all possible ways of how potential customers can contact you and build a relationship with you. Show how your readers or customers can reach you.

57. Interview experts from your industry. Today, it is easy to make an audio or video interview. You can use Skype or your mobile phone and make an interesting interview as a new article for your business blog.

58. Publish a list of the best Web sites in your industry. What did you read on the web? Make a list and publish it on your business blog.

59. Research something in your industry and publish the results of it. Research-based articles are a winning strategy for each blog. So, use these types of articles on your business blog.

60. Write a case study related to your customer service. Show your readers how your customer service work and how they add value to your total offer.

61. How can your customers find you? Make a route of direction to where your potential customers can find you.

Blog Post Ideas Not Directly Related To Your Business

62. Ask a question on some social media and write a post with different answers that you will collect. Today, the quickest way to communicate with readers is through social media channels. Each month you can ask a question, and at the end of the month, collect responses, analyze them, and publish a new article for your business blog.

63. Write a review of products unrelated to your business, and you think it’s something worthwhile and valuable for your customers. Mix up with different products you think are worth presenting on your business blog.

64. Comment some exciting news from the media. Show your thinking about some essential media news. This is an important strategy that can boost your readership because everyone is interested in such news.

65. Ask questions and encourage readers to answer comments on your blog post. Question-based blog post ideas are essential for getting feedback from your readers. But, also, this article will bring you several possible articles for the future based on the answers.

66. Make a post with different answers from the earlier idea. When you get some responses to the previous idea, you can simply pack them in the new article you can publish on your business blog.

67. Find interesting video materials from YouTube and embed them into your post. This is a really easy blog post idea. Simply find something interesting on YouTube, embed it on the new blog post, and write comments, lessons learned, etc.

68. Do a survey and embed it on your blog post. Today, you can easily create an online survey. Select a topic, do a survey, and publish it on your blog. You can share this article on social media channels and your email list. You want to learn something from your readers.

69. Publish the analysis of the results of the survey from the earlier idea. Now, when you collect enough responses to your survey, you can quickly analyze them and publish them as a new article on your business blog.

70. Think about other people’s mistakes, and publish a post explaining them and how readers can avoid them. As humans, all of us have made some mistakes. So, help your readers to escape from making the same mistakes you have made in the past.

71. Find different lessons from history and make a blog post about them. Stories from history will always bring greater attention from your readers. So, include them in your blogging strategy.

72. Find inspirational quotes and make a post with a list of quotes. Quotes are always interesting for readers. You can publish a list of quotes you like, or you can find them in some book and share them with your readers.

73. Find an inspirational quote and write a comment about lessons that readers can learn. This is another idea as a part of these blog post ideas based on quotes. This article will use one quote, but additionally, you will write your thoughts related to the quote.

74. How can your readers increase productivity? Doing more in less time will always be an essential desire for all people. So, if you have some formula for productivity improvement, share it with your readers. How do you organize your day? Do you use, and what tools do you use? What routines do you use? Answering these and similar questions will bring more readers to your business blog.

75. How can your readers improve their personal life? Help your readers to work on the improvement of their personal life. This will always be an essential topic, and it is part of these blog post ideas.

76. Make a list of advice that you can give to your readers and potential customers. Everyone likes advice. So, give some advice that you have experienced personally.

77. How we can improve our lives. This is always an exciting topic. Everyone wants to improve.

78. Make a resource post with a list of resources that you use. Simply make a list of all essential resources you use like widgets, products, services, etc.

79. Write a thanks post to every person that is important for you and your business. Why do you not share how you are thankful to some person that helped you in your life?

80. Make a video as a screencast demonstration. Screencasts are great for explaining your products, services or showing some features of your products and services. So, create such videos as much as possible.

81. Make a presentation and publish it as a video, transcript, and presentation. Probably you already have a bunch of presentations. So, record yourself explaining each slide and publish it as a video. In such a way, you will have three different articles for your business blog.

82. What tools or software do you use that make your life easier. Show what you use that increases your productivity as a small business owner.

83. Write a humorous post that will encourage the laughing of your readers. Don’t always be serious. Include humor in one of your articles.

84. Write a post with beautiful pictures of places where you have traveled. It is not strange to share some of your greatest moments. Probably someone also will want to visit those places.

85. Write about the applications you use on your mobile phone and ask readers to share theirs. You don’t need to write only about your business, products, services, and industry. Make slight shaking in the topics you will publish.

86. Make a list of the most useful mobile phone apps from the reader’s viewpoint based on the answers from the earlier post idea. Because you have comments from your readers on the previous blog post idea, you can check what they say and write new articles based on their comments.

87. Write a detailed review or tutorial for some of the most useful mobile apps on your mobile phone. Today almost all of us use a smartphone. So, why don’t you share your experience with some tools or apps you use on your phone.

88. Take your most visited blog posts and make a list of them in the new one. Simply look at your analytics, select the top 5 or top 10 blog posts published in the selected time frame, and publish this list as a new article.

89. Write about topics that your business blog deals with. Inform your readers of what you cover on your business blog. You can link this article on your about page and home page, so your new readers will know what to expect or to decide is this something from them.

90. Write about future topics that your business blog will have in the future. Your readers will expect something from you. So, for example, you can use this each month to publish an article that will cover some essential topics that you will publish that month. Your readers will expect them and will come more frequently to your blog.

91. Write and publish a different series of posts about different challenges. Challenges as a part of these blog post ideas are great strategies for adding value for your readers. You can use something like “7 days challenge”, “monthly challenge,” etc.

92. Reasons why you value your readers. Write about the reasons why you value your readers. Open your mind and heart and be honest.

93. Find some old posts and write a different view on the critical points in them. You can take an old article and add additional value to your readers. Probably it is outdated. If you use some statistics, find new numbers related to the original article.

94. Find blog posts from other companies or bloggers and promote them in your blog post, giving additional value. Blogging is everything about building a relationship with readers, but also with other bloggers. So, this idea is one of the blog post ideas that will build relationships and networking possibilities for your small business.

95. Ask your readers what they want from you to improve your products, services, or business in general. Remember that your business blog is a two-way communication channel. So, use your readers as the source for possible improvement. This blog post requires you to publish an article with a list of most-wanted improvements by customers. In such a way, you will show that you want to listen to your customers.

96. Write a list based on the earlier post idea that you will improve in the future based on priority. Now, when you already have a list of required improvements, you can write one or several articles to explain what you will do about them. Ask readers to comment on this and get more ideas to improve your small business.

97. Write a post about each improvement that you made based on the previous two post ideas. Next, you can write about each improvement as a part of these processes and show current and potential customers that you hear and take actions based on their voices.

98. Find the most valuable comments on your old blog posts and publish them as the new article with the added value from your side. Simply check your older comments and create a new blog article based on the topic from the comment. Also, this blog post idea allows you to collect all comments as questions and develop an FAQ article with the answers from your side.

99. Publish a post about the person of the month as someone who commented the most on your blog posts and award him. Yes, each month, select one person with the most comments on your business blog and write about the selection process and the award he gets from you. The intention here is to increase the conversation with your customers through your blog. You can also interview this person.

Blog Post Ideas Related to Your Business Promotion

100. Publish promotion posts. It doesn’t mean that you can not use your business blog to write promotional posts. So, this blog post idea is related to publishing promotional articles regularly. If you can, try using this idea each month.

101. Make contests and give free giveaways. The same as the previous idea is related to posts about contests and free giveaways.

102. Promise something that you will realize the next time. With this blog post idea, you want to create curiosity among your readers.

103. Write something about how you ship your promise to the customers. It is an excellent strategy to show that you listen to your customers and make a promise because you learn something from them. But, also great blog post idea is to show how you ship something when you promise it.

104. Explain what your readers will get if they subscribe to your email list. Probably you already use email marketing as a part of your overall communication strategy. This blog post idea will require you to have an in-depth article to explain what subscribers will get if they subscribe. A great strategy is to link this on your website’s home page in a visible place and put it on your subscription boxes. In such a way, your potential customers will know what they can accept if they subscribe to your email list.

105. Highlight the most important days in the year for your customers and your readers as promotions, deals, fair participation, etc. You can also make an article each year to create curiosity and expectations for your potential customers. So, this blog post idea will require you to publish an article that will cover all planned promotions, deals, and other sales bumps you plan to make through the year.


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