16, May, 2022
5 Must Read Global Trade Blogs

5 Must Read Global Trade Blogs

5 Excellent Day Trading Blogs You Should Read - DTTW™

The web is chock full of blogs on every topic imaginable. The next time you think about picking up that trade magazine, consider browsing through any of these global trade blogs instead. A tip is a tip, whether you gleaned it from a magazine or from a blog post.

All Roads Lead to China

If you’re looking for insight into China’s markets, this blog should be at the top of your list. Topics range from logistics and supply chain management to government regulation and economic development strategies. Dive in by reading this excellent post on the risks of doing business in China.

Export Law Blog

Written by two lawyers based in Washington DC, Export Law Blog offers in-depth analysis on a wide range of export topics, including ITAR, sanctions, penalties, and Department of Commerce issues. One of this blogs specialties is dispelling misinformation. A recent example is this blog’s debunking of the belief that shipments to overseas AFO and FPO addresses are not considered exports. Read the post here.

Global Reach

Proof that the government can get with the times, the official blog of the Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division is anything but stodgy. Posts cover everything from trade data and foreign trade regs, to practical tips on using AESDirect for export filings. Good reads: How to Write a (Simple) Export Plan and Are you reporting the correct Country of Destination?

Freight Dawg–The Logistics Blawg

If you want an advanced perspective on the freight transportation industry and supply chain strategy then Freight Dawg is your blog. Posts cover issues and news related to logistics and transportation.

Customs Law Blog

Written by a Customs lawyer, this blog covers news about U.S. Customs laws and Court of International Trade rulings. Pay a visit to this site for easy and enlightening reading on complex trade topics. Check out When is Painting Repair? and It’s ok to say “No NAFTA”.