Why is 13 Cards Rummy Game the Common Choice Among Rummy Players?

Indian rummy is a variation of standard rummy. It is played in most households of India. The variation of rummy played in different parts of India may vary. The most common variation played remains the 13 cards rummy games. Here we have listed out some reasons why people usually prefer the 13 cards variation over others:

Because it is the most standard variation of rummy games in India

Most people find rummy as a means to socialise. In the past, people played rummy in order to socialise with others in the community. Today, people use rummy games to get entertained and to find other like-minded people online. Since the most commonly played indian rummy online games is the 13 cards variation, it is preferred. People may not always find players to play 10 card variations or 21 card variations. The 13-card variation is pretty popular and it is always easy to find players.

Because all basic rules of rummy games are covered without any confusion

If you are trying to learn rummy for the first time, you will look for a variation that allows you to grasp all the basic rules. Here again, 13 cards variation scores over the others. If you understand the basic rules governing the 13 cards variation, it won’t be difficult for you to learn the other two variations. This is why most people choose the 13-card rummy game free download for android over other gaming options.

Because the game is not too long or short

Most people lose interest in the game after the starting few moves. A game should be not too long because that can be boring. A game should also not be too short as people enjoy thinking and strategizing. This is why a 13 cards rummy game is your best alternative. It is just long enough to help you acquire the skills and short enough to retain the interest of each player.

Because Points Rummy, Pool Rummy or Deals Rummy can Be Played in this Style

You always seek games that allow you a good deal of flexibility. This is yet another thing that you enjoy with 13 cards games. It is upto you to decide whether you wish to play points rummy and end it in one round or play a series game. Each is equally enjoyable.

Common Rules Governing 13 Cards Rummy Game Variations

Since we have understood why this variation is usually preferred, let us now see what exactly are the rules governing this basic variant of rummy. Here are the rules:

  • All players are distributed 13 cards each
  • The points in your hand are counted as full till your life is formed
  • Life is a term used collectively for a pure (natural) sequence and a real (artificial) sequence
  • After the life is formed, the remaining could either be sets/melds or sequences
  • Melds are formed by combining three cards of different signs but of the same value
  • Jokers maybe used to complete real sequences or melds
  • There are three kinds of jokers used in rummy; the joker cards, the blank cards and the pulled-out jokers
  • Pulled-out joker is any random card pulled out from the deck by the player next to the dealer
  • A player is allowed to pass his turn at the beginning of the game when he is charged a minimal number of points
  • A player may pass half way through the game too but the points charged will be double the points charged at the beginning of the game.

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