16, May, 2022
Top Strategies for Rummy Gamers in 2021

Top Strategies for Rummy Gamers in 2021

Indian players who are experts in rummy card games can now make the best of their rummy gaming skills through the different platforms such as Khelplay Rummy. A good player is aware of different strategies in rummy gaming that will help him win the game sooner. Here we have shared some exciting strategies to help you win rummy card games sooner in 2021. Check them out:

Try to Understand Opponent Moves

The opponent moves often reveal much more than we can ever imagine. That is why it is important that we observe opponent moves keenly during our rummy sessions. Try to understand what each move could imply. For example, if the opponent disposes a joker, it could imply he is struggling to complete his pure sequence because he has excessive jokers in his hand.

If the opponent disposes a low point card, it could imply that he is close to completing his hand. At this point, if your life is not complete, you must choose second drop to avoid the loss of points. You must think on your feet when you are playing Indian Rummy card game. An alert mind is an asset when you are playing this skills game.

Focus on Life First

Till your life is complete, your hand is regarded as a full hand in rummy card games. That is why a good rummy player always focuses on life first. He will think of completing the other sequences and melds only after his life is complete. 

The rule for life varies in different variations of rummy card games. In the 10 points rummy game, one pure sequence alone forms life. In the 13 cards standard variation of rummy games, one pure sequence and one artificial sequence together form life.

Work on Reducing Points Next

Once you have completed your life, you can shift your focus to reducing points in the hand. In all the series rummy card games, points accumulated during each round matter greatly. That is why the player focuses on reducing the total points in the hand. If he has cards that don’t fit into any sequence or meld, he will try to dispose the card. He will get rid of picture cards and high point cards first in an attempt to reduce the total points in the hand.

Make Wise Use of Jokers at Hand

There are several types of jokers used in rummy card games. The joker cards existing in each deck are used as jokers. Apart from the joker cards, some people also use the blanks as jokers. The player next to the dealer pulls a random card from the deck to play the role of a pulled-out joker. If the player pulls out a K of spades, then all the kings are treated as pulled out jokers in that round. The pulled-out jokers can be used just like the actual joker cards in the deck. They can be used to complete artificial sequences as well as melds.

Choose First Drop or Second Drop if Needed

In Indian Rummy Card Games, the player is allowed to quit the game by paying a penalty. If a player quits the game before the first card is played, nominal points are charged and the process is referred to as the first drop.

If the player quits rummy any time after the first move is played then it is referred to as second drop. The points charged in case of second drop are double the points charged for first drop. Choosing first drop or second drop would be a wise option if the opponent has a chance to win even before you complete your life.

Try out practice rummy sessions on Khelplay Rummy app and learn the nuances of the game. Once you know the tricks and tactics, you can participate in exciting rummy tournaments.