Exciting Ways to Enjoy Rummy Card Games on the Khelplay Rummy App

People who enjoy rummy card games can never tire of it. The lockdown and the restricted lifestyle have brought rummy lovers closer to their favourite card game. The Khelplay Rummy app has made the entire process much simpler. People who enjoyed rummy offline earlier now find Khelplay Rummy app as their best partner to enjoy rummy card games. The best part about this app is that it is always ready at your fingertips so that you can access your favourite game without any interruptions. Here are some exciting ways to enjoy rummy card games on the Khelplay Rummy app:

Play Rummy with Friends

The Khelplay Rummy app is designed to accommodate every need of a rummy player. That is why it also has the option to invite friends to this gaming app. You may not want to enjoy your favourite card game without your rummy pals. Now, you can simply invite your favourite friends from rummy circles to this wonderful gaming app. Each time a friend accepts your invite, you get some referral points. Your friend who has just joined the app also enjoys some welcome bonus. This makes it an excellent situation for both of you. It will help you have fun with friends on Khelplay Rummy without actually meeting them. You can adhere to the norms of social distancing during the pandemic while enjoying a fun session of rummy with friends.

Check Out New Variations of Rummy

Playing the same game repetitively could be sometimes annoying. People get bored of their favourite games too after a point of time. This is the reason why Khelplay Rummy offers so many variations of rummy card games for the players. You can choose the variation you like and play it online. When you are bored, you get to explore the different variations that you have never tried before in rummy. The whole experience could be a learning process. Here we have shared the different variations of Indian Rummy available on KhelplayRummy app:

Single Round Rummy Card Games: There are rummy games that end in a single round. The winner is decided just after one round of rummy game. Points Rummy is an example of this card game. Points Rummy is available in 10 cards, 13 cards, 21 cards and 27 cards variations too. All rummy tournaments on Khelplay Rummy follow the points rummy format.

Series Rummy Card Games: These are rummy card games where the winner is decided at the end of a series. There are two main variations of series rummy card games available on Khelplay Rummy app as shared below:

  • Deals Rummy: The number of deals that will be played is decided at the start of the game in this variation of rummy card games. There are 2 deals rummy, 3 deals rummy and 6 deals rummy options available on the Khelplay Rummy app.
  • Pool Rummy: The cut-off points are decided at the start of the game in case of Pool Rummy. Khelplay Rummy app offers you a choice between 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy.

The rules vary slightly in each type of rummy card game. When you play different variations of rummy, your mind becomes sharp in strategizing.

Play Rummy with Cash

For those rummy players who need cash gaming to perk their spirits, that option is also available on Khelplay Rummy app. You can play rummy with cash and make a few quick bucks. It is completely legal. Even a small TDS is deducted from the money you earn through gaming when it exceeds the minimum threshold. So, you can enjoy the fun of cash gaming without any regrets.

Be A Part of Exciting Rummy Tournaments

The excitement is endless on Khelplay Rummy. The app hosts several interesting rummy tournaments each season. There are some special tournaments for beginners. There are Re.1 tournaments that allow you to participate without digging a hole in your pocket. There are also certain special rummy tournaments during festivals. The rewards for these tournaments may vary. The app mostly offers cash prizes but occasionally there are gold coin contests and gadget rewards. So, if you think you are good at rummy card games, make the best of your skills by participating in rummy tournaments.

Enjoy Work with Quick Rummy Work Breaks           

The people around the world are forced to work from home and restrict their social circles. However, rummy lovers can still enjoy their favourite card game from home. If you are on a work from home schedule, Khelplay Rummy can help you take quick rummy work breaks. You can enjoy a session of rummy during tea break or snack break between work. This will help to refresh your mind. It will keep you stress-free and more productive.

Replace Bedtime Stories with Sleep-time Gaming

It does not matter whether you are a child or you have grown up. Bedtime stories still remain a major attraction to most of us. We need some pleasant thoughts before we go to sleep. While you needn’t actually game right before sleeping, you can actually discuss a few rummy tactics with friends. You can watch rummy tutorials to understand some unique ways to win your rummy card game. It could create the right mood for pleasant thoughts before you go to bed.

Practice Rummy and Master this Game Online

Make the best use of the Khelplay Rummy app. Practice rummy gaming online. Play the game multiple times using practice chips. When you lose a game of rummy, try to understand what went wrong. Try to evaluate how you can improve your game and score better next time. Arrange your cards and analyse opponent moves. It will tell you must about the game. You cannot master a game without playing it several times. Once you have grasped every tactic in the game, you can go ahead and challenge other experts for a round of rummy. It could be exciting and challenging at the same time.

Now that you know the several benefits of having Khelplay Rummy app on your smartphone device, it is time you install it. The app is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices and you won’t have difficulty installing it. You may have to verify certain details before you can create a login id. Once this is done, you can use this id to login each time you visit Khelplay Rummy. The app is designed in a user-friendly manner so you won’t have difficulty finding your way. Explore the app and find out what all it has to offer. If queries arise in your mind, just visit the FAQ section on the site. They have shared answers to the most common queries on this page. You will surely get all answers right here. If you still have queries lingering in your mind, just ask them in the chat section.

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