3 Types of Background Checks

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Background checks are commonly conducted in situations where a business, employer or government agency needs to verify information about a person before hiring them or providing them with some sort of approval. Laws regulating background checks vary from state to state, but in most instances, the person being investigated must provide consent for the investigation to be conducted. Different types of background checks are conducted for different purposes. Three of the most common background checks conducted are driving records, employment and criminal background checks.

Driving Records

An employment driving record may sometimes be requested by a current or potential employer.  A typical driving record may include tickets, accidents or driving infractions you were involved in over the past three years. Your driving record may also include information about what type of license you have and any restrictions placed on it.


Approximately 72% of employers conduct some kind of background check before hiring a new employee.  A typical pre-employment background check includes information such as work history, education, credit history, medical history social media use and drug screening. However, not every employer who conducts a background check will check every one of these items.


Some employers choose to conduct criminal background checks because they are concerned about employees who might steal from the company or commit some other type of fraud. However, the most common reason criminal background checks are conducted is to check for violent crimes or felony convictions that may indicate a person is a threat to their fellow co-workers. Additionally, some industries are required by law to conduct criminal background checks on employees.

Background checks have become a very common procedure. If you are ever uncomfortable with a requested background check, it may be wise to consult the person requesting the check to determine exactly what information they intend to obtain and speak with legal counsel if you have any concerns.

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