Type of Recruiters and What They Offer

How to Recruit in the New Remote Work Landscape

Have you ever thought about engaging a recruiter? Whether you are a company, an individual, or a group of people, recruiters will help you find qualified personnel to handle your task. These recruiters will offer expert advice, insights into employers or employees, and better visibility. Yet, it would be best if you chose a professional that’ll meet your preferences. Various types of recruiters suffice, and they include the following.

In-House Recruiters

An in-house recruiter is a company’s employee tasked with sourcing, vetting, and hiring employees on behalf of the firm. This recruiter often gets help from various departmental managers and company shareholders to screen and communicate with the potential employees. In brief, this in-house recruiter neither requires nor relies on an external agency to source for these employees.

An in-house recruiter is an excellent choice for a relatively small firm. This professional requires no additional benefits apart from their salary and usual employee benefits. Since they are full-time employees, you can rely on them for various other services, including onboarding, keeping employees in check, and firing.

Corporate Recruiters

A corporate recruiter is an outsourced agency or individual who helps an organization fill various vacancies. It is the responsibility of this recruiter to source, screen, interview, and present a potential employee to the company.

A corporate recruiter is often a full-fledged firm tasked with the recruitment process. That means you can rely on this firm for writing job descriptions, screening resumes, and creating comprehensive onboarding strategies.

Executive Recruiter

Suppose you want to fill an executive position in your company and do not have the right candidate. In this case, hiring an executive recruiter would be a great idea. This recruiter focuses on finding suitable matches for various executive roles, including CEOs, top directors, and presidents. This professional will also come in handy when filling management positions.

An executive recruiter is a perfect choice if you run a healthcare program or business. This professional will ensure that the process is meticulous, assuring you of better results in the long run. A logistics recruiting company could fall under this category.

Outplacement Recruiters

An outplacement service provider is an excellent choice for employees transitioning to new jobs. Such employees could be victims of downsizing, reduction, or displacement. In most cases, an employer outsources this recruiter to help the displaced employees. That means the service is out of goodwill. The service is also free to the employee.

An outplacement recruiter offers various services, including career advice, resume writing, job hunting, and interviewing skills.


Ideally, a headhunter works for an employment agency. This professional is tasked with finding appropriate personnel for given roles. Usually, a headhunter uses various sources to find the right match, from social media, professional associations, and internet job boards to their networks. This will be a perfect choice when looking for employees for your startup.

Any reputable recruiting company should have various ways to identify the right employees for a given company. You should always consider a company that will ensure your progress.

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